This weekend I went to pick up a table with the little lady and saw a gem setting in the field it was a old (we talking old) freezer. So I asked the lady that was moving out if she wanted the old freezer and she informed me that it was set up to be a smoker! I was stoked we picked this thing up and took it home. Being a tech nerd and having been doing robotics I figure it will be a great project to make it as automated as I can. I am debating on using the Arduino or The Raspberry Pi, I am pry going to just do a arduino with an ethernet shield.

Sensor array:

  • Air temp probe
  • Meat Probe
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Smoke Density Sensor. – This will be a light with a receiver on the end or if I am feeling adventurous Ill destroy a smoke alarm.

I am going to build a small web page that will use external hosted libraries in order to make it look good without the pain of having such a small server power.