God Bless America?

Pollice Verso *oil on canvas *97,4 x 146,6 cm *1872

People keep saying God bless this country! God bless this country? God should smite this country and all its religious, bigoted, raping, homosexual, abortionist. this country dumps ~3,700+ babies in the trash each day! Please tell me how this country should be blessed when we’re living in sin. This country thrived when the lord’s prayer was said in school, when the bible was read in class, when the family unit was a male and female for life! When respect was taught, law was protecting people not enslaving them. When an honest days work could allow you a comfortable life. Gone are the days for blessing, were living like sodom and gomorrah, and the worst part is we still think we should get a blessing and when we don’t we have the audacity to ask why GOD is allowing these things to happen. This country needs to be on its knees, not flipping cop cars, not sniping people from parking garages. Why? why does this happen you might ask? Well when your taught in college to do what is best for you and that there is not a truth/standard. whats to say where the bounds are cop killing could be the next game! along with christians in the coliseums of Rome! When history is not learned from we will repeat it! hence the End. My Prayer is God bring this country to a place where its people can be faithful to you! AMEN.

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