Looking for some web design help?

Maybe a dedicated server? Well You are at the right place! I am a computer programer with over 6 years of computer programing experience. I am skilled in WordPress development, PHP, and MySql. As well as many others that are entirely to long to mention. I have done everything from building computers, to enterprise network solutions, from the WordPress site to call center CRMs.


  • Work on personal computers
  • Networking! – Seriously who wants to crawl through ceilings full of mice poop and fiberglass insulation.
  • Work for free. – Who does?
  • Graphics – It looks like a 3 year olds coloring book.


  • Web Programing! – Custom programing is the best!
  • WordPress Installations – With 60 Billion sites running it, it the most popular CRM on the market.
  • Education – Do you want to learn how to update your site?
  • Server Administration – I love Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services.


  • SCUBA Diving – Swim with the Fishes!
  • Robotics – I have a section dedicated to Robotics!
  • Public Speaking – I love telling people about the latest tech trends.
  • Learning – Education is crucial, I am not talking college! I believe in hands on learning in the real world!
  • Personal Development – With the status quo being the standard its not hard to rise above!